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Creating your first monitor
Bitping Admin
Bitping Admin
April 07, 2021
1 min
Creating your first monitor

Creating monitors with Bitping requires a project. This allows for nesting of multiple endpoints within each to keep organised.

  1. Click on Add a new project
    • Give your project a name related to your endpoints.
  2. Click on Add a new monitor
    • Select your desired test type

Bitping supports Ping, Load Testing, DNS Propagation, HTTP Verbs, HLS Stream Testing and Selenium Testing with plans of adding more testing types.

  1. Each test supports:
    • Colour - Will be displayed on your monitor charts
    • Name - Keep your monitors organised
    • Test Frequency - This is how often your monitor will be tested. Ranging from 15s to 1 hour.
    • Host - This is the endpoint you want to be tested.
    • Location Filter - Here you can select a region(s) you want your monitor tested in.
  1. That’s it, click add monitor!

In a few moments you will see your dashboard fill with beautiful data.

Be sure your Bitping account has balance.



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